The Thrill of Rosso

Blast away on the fastest rollercoaster on the planet! Strap yourself into the F1™ cockpit, hold on tight as you feel the acceleration of 240km/h in under 5 seconds and discover what 4.8Gs really feels like. You’ll launch 52 meters into the sky before flying through chicanes inspired by some the world’s most famous race tracks. Cross the finish line with an adrenaline rush worthy of a Grand Prix – screams of joy and excitement can be heard from the other side of the park! Needless to say, you’ll have to wear safety goggles for the duration of the ride, just like every other racer that takes on Grand Prix speeds.

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Technical Specs

  • Acceleration: 0-240km/h in 4.9sec, 0 -100km/h in 2sec
  • Maximum acceleration G-Force: 1.7Gs
  • Lowest elevation: 1.5m
  • Sharpest turn 70º
  • 2.07 km track
  • Roller coaster cars are designed to resemble the Ferrari Formula One car, down to the exact “Rosso Scuderia”

Ride Restrictions

Height restriction:

  • 1.40m-1.95m

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