Racing is timeless

The Ferrari Past & Present store celebrates the timeless spirit of the race. In Ferrari Past, you’ll go back in time to shop in a replica of Enzo’s first garage, featuring old gas pumps and a replica of his Alfa Romeo race car.

Cruise through the vintage memorabilia, and find that special treasure that will keep your memories of the day alive. In Ferrari Present, wander into a modern garage setting featuring a real Ferrari F1™ racecar to find collectibles and rare racing memorabilia from the modern day of Ferrari racing. The store also features several ‘interactive zones’. Create your own custom blend of candies from 12 colorful cylinders in the Confectionary Zone. In the Toy Zone kids can fill up a toy Ferrari 599 engine box with as many miniature tools, small toys and stationery items as they can fit, while the Model Car Zone will dazzle kids and adults alike with the impressive collection of remote control cars, slot cars and model cars.

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