Welcome to the UAE

Rapidly becoming one of the world’s top travel destinations, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the surrounding Emirates is where you’ll find luxury, style, adventure and the traditional Arabian warmth of hospitality and respect. In addition to the excitement of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the warm weather, tranquil beaches, lush oasis, sweeping desertscapes, vibrant city life, ancient traditions and world-class events all come together to create the ideal holiday.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, offers a myriad of experiences – from a tour by a local guide of one of the world’s largest mosques, to a speed boat tour of the capital’s coastline, kayaking trips through lush mangroves to visiting international art exhibitions – the options abound!

Abu Dhabi offers safety and security, luxurious accommodation, attractions to captivate and events to excite, educate and entertain. And you can be sure that whenever you visit you’ll be received by the warm and familiar Arabian hospitality for which the destination and its desert past are rightly known.



Just a 50-minute drive away is the Emirate of Dubai. With perfect winter climate, top class hotels, excellent shopping and superb facilities for a variety of sports and leisure activities - Dubai definitely has something to offer for everyone.

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