The climbing area comprises of five special play structure attractions dedicated to climbing.

Junior Training Camp compromises of the following activities:

Parabolic Slide* is a fun wall with a motor handle that pulls the child upwards as high as an individual child wishes to go within the height limits of the climbing activity. The child is then left trying the thrill of freefall.

The Hexagonal Tower* has three climbing walls and it is a challenging climb, which requires mental and physical skills.

  • The Disappearing Wall: Children are required to think fast as the holding handles disappear from the surface of the walls.
  • Gearhead: Children balance while climbing a wall with rotating wheels
  • Labyrinth: Children have to move a special hold on the correct track from the beginning to one of the exits while climbing

Skyscraper Walk* is a play structure where children have to climb step by step to the tallest building like a real Giant. The higher they go the more challenging it becomes.

Jump in the air* is a crane with three arms and three separate height challenges. Climb to the platform and grab the trapeze or hang on the bunching bag or grab on the gymnastic rings, and then jump down.

Low Adventure* is a triangular play structure for younger children who don’t like heights. They can adventure a few inches from the ground through suspension bridges.

*PLEASE NOTE: Your child must be in a harness and wearing a helmet whilst participating in this activity.

Comfortable closed shoes with soft soles should be worn to participate in this attraction.


Terms and Conditions


PLEASE NOTE: This climbing activity involves dropping a child from a height. If your child is afraid of heights, or if you feel that your child is not able to participate in this climbing activity, then you should not permit your child to participate.

The climbing area is comprised of five special play structure attractions dedicated to climbing which seeks to test a child’s mental and physical limits. By permitting your child to participate in the climbing activities, it is deemed that you accept the level of risk involved in each climbing activity, and that you know of no mental or physical impediment that would hinder your child’s ability to safely participate.

Climbing Area Rules and Regulations

  • Minimum height requirement is 120cm
  • Minimum weight 15kg
  • Light clothing required without hanging accessories or scarves or loose items
  • Comfortable closed shoes with soft soles should be worn at all times
  • Helmet is mandatory (if required)
  • Safety Harness is mandatory (if required)
  • No climbing allowed with hard (steel) sole or heels or without shoes
  • Must follow all instructions given by the Attraction Instructors
  • No skirts and no dress type attire is permitted
  • No cameras or mobile phones are permitted on the climbing attractions
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Shoes are not allowed when using the Parabolic Slide attraction
  • Glasses / spectacles must be secured
  • No sandals or slip off shoes on the Low Adventure climbing attraction
  • No drinks or food is allowed on attractions
  • No running is permitted within the climbing attractions, and unsafe behavior will not be allowed


  • The attractions feature one or more of the requirements set out below:
    - Climbing up and down from different heights
    - Jumping from various heights
    - Lifting, pulling, freefalling, balance, walking through obstacle courses
    - Physical testing of the body
  • Children must be in good physical condition and should not participate if they have recently received medical treatment, or they suffer from any condition which might impair their ability to participate

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